The hardest thing in this world to control other people, especially when there is only indirectly. In the game 2020: My country is on the computer you have to cater to the needs of the urban population, which we can know for yourself – very finicky. As you probably already guessed, the role that gives you a game – it is the mayor of the city. The size and scale of the city depends almost entirely up to you.

Of course, you can not call this game unique. This concerns both the mechanics of the game and the general idea. The founder of the genre is such a legendary series like SimCity. The emergence of the first game of the series led to the creation of a huge number of clones that are simply parodied gameplay source.

But our game is one of the exceptions to this rule. Because in addition to high-quality transport mechanics of the game have been implemented quite a few of their interesting ideas.

About the game

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that we are talking about urban simulation. Cartoon graphics and the overall style adds some of its unique charm is happening.

Funny men just have to imagine, because the process of command and perform the desires of your citizens brings pleasure.

As in real life, people’s desire to change very quickly, because that would not prevent the discontent in the city, you must carefully observe the needs of urban residents.

Get ready for the fact that obedience to the magic wand here, nothing happens. If you want to build something important for a local government agency, after two taps, it will not be built.